The Tragheim and Tragham Families

If you’re a Tragham or a Tragheim, we’re related. As far as I’ve been able to establish, all living Tragheims (and Traghams) are the descendants of Ephraim Tragheim, whose sons and grandsons emigrated from what was then Hassenpoth, Courland, Russia (and is now Aizpute, Latvia) to various parts of the United Kingdom, the US, and Canada.

The name Tragham arose because my grandfather, born Thomas Tragheim in 1910 in Scotland, found it inconvenient to have a German-sounding name during WWII. He never officially changed his name, but his descendants are now Traghams.

The Tragham/Tragheim family has produced more than its fair share of rogues and rascals, but perhaps more than its fair share of heroes as well.

You can read what little is known about Ephraim Tragheim, who is the first known member of the family.

Other notable Tragheims include Alfred Ernest Tragheim, who was a burglar and author, and Samuel Tragheim, who was an inventor and a spy for the Russian Czar.