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Who am I? I have a very un-Tragheim-like name. I’m Bodhipaksa, and I’m a Buddhist author and teacher. I got my name when I joined the Triratna Buddhist Order in 1993.

I was born in 1961 to Ian Stephen and Eleanor Tragham (whose name is Tragheim on her birth certificate). My name then was Graeme Robertson Stephen. My mother’sĀ father (my grandad, of course) had changed his name unofficially from Thomas Tragheim to Thomas Tragham during the Second World War. Since he had six children, there’s a large branch of the family going under the name Tragham.

I started exploring the history of the family in about 2008. I was making good progress, because there aren’t many Tragheims, but then I found Julie Tragheim online and discovered she’d made even more progress than I had, although she was unaware of my branch of the family because of the unofficial name change.

Other members of the family have contributed, and we now have a reasonably good outline of the family. It does seem as if almost everyone with the last names Tragheim and Tragham are related.

There are some exceptions. There’s one branch that lived in Canada in the late 19th and early 20th centuries where the connection is unclear, however. There are several individual “Tragheims” who appear in the record due to typos. And finally there are some Tragheims who appear in Germany, who don’t appear to have Jewish names and who are unlikely to be related).

But if you’re a Tragham/Tragheim, please get in touch. We’re family.

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  1. Hello. I am not a Tragheim but my late grandmother was Beatrice Iris Farhi, nee’ Travis (previously Tragheim) . She was born in Buxton in 1900,daughter of Baron Travis (ex Tragheim) and Josephine Cohen; she died in Vevey, Switzerland, in 1993. She married my grandfather (Emile Farhi) and lived for over 30 years in Alexandria, Egypt, where I was born. I’m not sure if this is of any interest but I thought I’d provide the information. I currently live in London. Please let me know if it is of any interest to you to know anything else/ more about my part of the family.

  2. Looking for people willing to do Y-DNA test (haplogroup research) with surname Draheim, Dragheim, Tragheim, Draym etc. to check relationship across these surnames before they developed.

    At the moment only a few polish and german Draheims did the test.


    • Hi, Bruce.

      It’s Bodhi here. We’ve talked before…

      All the information I’ve put together so far has been based on genealogical research done by myself and (to an even greater extent) by Julie Tragheim. Most of it’s from publicly available records, although for some family members there’s a lot of information available in books and newspapers.

      All the best,

  3. hello, well done on getting this information together. is there a Tragheim family tree anywhere? the link to Ephraim Tragheim does not appear to work. Ny other links to Tragheim? my mother was born Lilian Tragheim in 1920? (I should know this!)? in Dundee, sister to Edward (deceased) John (deceased) et. al. She is still alive and living in Adelaide, South Australia.

  4. My great-grandmother was Johanna Tragheim who immigrated to the US sometime before 1891 ( I know that because my grandmother was born in 1891). All the family knows of here was that she was German. I have little information. Has anyone come across her in their research?

  5. I was looking at my family tree, along the strict maternal line, remembering something
    my grandmother told us a long time ago. I was reading about Latvia and I stumbled
    across TRAGHEIM.COM by mistake, and discovered that I myself may be a “Tragheim”, or related to!
    1. My name is Gabriel Thomas Cohen, born 1961 (30th March).
    2. My mother is Jacqueline Alder (nee Adler).
    3. My maternal grandmother is Iris Ecker (1912-1997).
    4. My great-grandmother is Rebecca S.Isaacson (1877-1946).
    5. My great-great-grandmother is Annie Feitelberg from Libau, Kurland (1856-1944).
    6. My 3*great has a name “Hannah Leah” (1829-1893), also from Kurland, who
    married Elias Feitelberg (1824-1915).

    Now, according to your family tree, Annie’s sister, Sarah Feitelberg married Bernard Tragheim, who had a son Herbert Lionel Tragheim/Traherne. Herbert was a pharmacist in Hove, Sussex.

    Iris “Gams” Alder (nee Ecker) and Herbert Traherne were first cousins, which therefore at least makes me distantly related (ie not direct blood-related). However I’m really interested that my family came from virtually exactly the same place as yours (Libau/Pilten/Aizpute). and that we all spoke fluent German! By virtue of the
    fact that cousin marriages at the START of the 19th century were commonplace in that part of the world, my Hannah Leah MAY have had Tragheim as a maiden name
    going by what Gams long long ago told me when I was very very young. Can you shed any light on this, or should I do a DNA test, etc?

    As an aside, Tragheim was a part of Konigsberg, and we did hostorically originate from that town in East Prussia anyway before settling in Kurland…

    Any ideas?

    Warmest greetings,

    Gabriel Cohen

    • Hi Gabriel, My Name is Rachael Wilson. My mother is Janice Wilson, Nee Traherne..Her father is Herbert Lionel Feitelburg.

      I am just 2 days into working out my family tree and came across this web site and starting to read the comments saw yours..I think we are family!! Not sure the relationship yet but I would love to work it out! I was born in Edinburgh 1980. I am absolutely fascinated by all of this! It seems there are Hollywood director and theater producers in the family also! I really hope you get this reply and we can work out how we are related!

      Kind regards,
      Rachael Wilson

      • Hi Gabriel, I just wanted to add that my mum remembers playing in the chemist in Hove as a child. She still has some of the glass jars that were on display in the shop!!

  6. Hallo, I am Ben Segal, link 1021 on your fine Person Index. Bertha Tragheim (1085) was my maternal grandmother. I’d be prepared to provide you with quite a lot more information on the parts of your tree concerning the Altaras, Calderon, Segal, Sanig and Silver family entries.

    I will wait to hear from you to see how best this can be done.

    With my very best wishes,


    • Hello, Ben.

      Thank you so much for writing, and many apologies for this very late reply. I’m very excited to hear from you, and I’ll email you directly to continue our conversation.

      All the best,

  7. Hi i was looking at this website and noticed that my mother Mary Tragheim is 20/09/1934 not 1935 as stated on your records i would be very interested in getting more information on my family history

  8. Thank you for such a fantastic site. My great grandmother was Diana Lyle Tragheim and our family photos include the same photo of Samuel as the one you have posted on the site. I wish we had a photo of Diana or any others of that era. My grandfather Ronald Ingram, her son, went on to survive Gallipoli with the 5th Battalion Royal Scots and then the Machine Gun Corp. (At that time it was known as the Suicide Squad on account of the heavy casualties). My father emigrated to Canada where I reside.

    • I wish I had more time to work on the site. Unfortunately family and wok commitments make that impossible at the moment. Thanks for the info about Ronald Ingram. I’ll add that to my files!

      All the best,

  9. Hello,
    Is anyone still one this website and working out the family tree? My name is Rachael Wilson, my maternal tree goes back to the Tragheims and I am just starting to piece together al this info!

    Kind regards,
    Rachael Wilson

  10. Hello. I am the grandson of a late Tragheim/Travis (Beatrice Iris). Who is the fellow with the cap on in the picture on the home page of this site? I ask because there is a mild resemblance (not surprisingly) to my late grandmother.
    Thanks and stay safe!
    Emile Farhi

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