b: 10 AUG 1838

There's been some confusion whether there were two Samuel Tragheims born in the 1830's, one the son of Mendel Tragheim, and the other the son of Menere. Both Samuels (if there were indeed two) seem to have been disreputable characters, prone to name changes and duplicity. But never have both of them been seen in the records at the same time, and so I’m going to assume that they are the same person, and that “Menere” was an invention or a recording error.

This makes Samuel a very interesting person. He was a bigamist, an inventor, businessman, and a Russian spy!

He would have been born in Hassenpoth, Courland, Russia, which was the family's home. Courland was a German speaking enclave in Russia. It’s now part of Latvia. So far no record of his birth has been found. He was part of virtuallly an entire generation of the family that left Russia for England, Scotland, the US, and possibly Canada as well.

Samuel first appears officially in Edinburgh at the age of 22, when he marries Catherine Winton. Characteristically, Samuel’s first known mention in official documentation is under a pseudonym; he married under the name “John.” His wedding was in a church, and it’s not known if he officially converted to Christianity. John/Samuel gives his parents names as -- well, the document is hard to read, and it’s not entirely clear what it says. The father’s first name could be “Menere” or it could be “Mendel.” The mother’s first name looks like Tauline (or possibly Pauline), but her last name is very unclear. It could be Renyvistch, which is the best reading that the workers at the Scottish records office could come up with. Possibly Renyvistch is a mishearing of the name Aronowitz, which was definitely current in Hassenpoth at or around the time of Samuel’s birth.

Later, assuming this is all one Samuel we’re talking about, he gives his parents as Mendel Tragheim and Taube Perau. Why we would have given another name for his mother at the time of this wedding is anyone’s guess.

At the time of his marriage at Catherine he was living at 92 High St, Edinburgh. His date of birth, according to his marriage certificate, would have been about 1835. Catherine would have been 20. John/Samuel’s trade was given as “shoemaker.”

The first child, Daniel, was born 16 months later, on 12 August, 1858. Sadly, he died the same day.

Diana Lyle, who lived to adulthood, was born the following year in Leith. 

By 1861, the time of the census, the family had moved to Newcastle, where Edward was born. The family -- there were now four of them -- lived at 5 Gloucester Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Westgate, along with an unmarried relative called Elizabeth Winter (that would have been Catherine’s younger sister, Elizabeth Winton). Samuel is now no longer a “shoemaker,” but a “draper and interpreter.” It’s likely that, as a fluent German speaker, with a smattering of Russian, he had found work that used his linguistic skills. 

The following year, 1862, the family were back up in Leith, living at 83 Kirkgate, where, on 15 September, Mary Jane was born. She was only to live until 1869. On her birth certificate, Samuel is back to being a clothier. Presumably he was no longer finding work as an interpreter. On Guy Fawkes’ night, 5th November, Samuel was awarded provisional protection (no. 2999) for a patent for a method of treating hemp. As far as I know, this was Samuel’s first patent application.

Perhaps the success of his patent application went to his head, because sometime between 1862 and 1865 Samuel abandoned his family in favor of Anne Benford, of London.

In late 1865, Catherine Winton gave birth to Alfred, in Norwich. This is at more or less the same time that Samuel and Anne are proclaiming their banns in London. Presumably Samuel had abandoned Catherine and the children sometime between Catherine getting pregnant in early 1865, and the calling of the first bann on October 29.

According to family member Janet Billings, “Alfred was born in Norwich, where Sam disappeared and Catherine and the children were rescued by her brothers.” Catherine’s brothers were Alexander and James.

Samuel moved to London, where he married Anne Benford. This was the first of his bigamous marriages. (Actually, we have a record of the banns being called on October 29 and November 5th and 12th, 1865, but not of the wedding itself. If they weren’t actually legally married, then that makes some sense of later developments in Missouri.)

A daughter was born to Anne Benford on June 17, 1866, less than nine months after the first calling of the banns. This wasn’t at all uncommon, although Eleanor Anne Louisa Benford’s birth doesn’t seem to be registered in England, and her birth date is only known through her baptismal ceremony from 1871 (in St James, Clerkenwell, London). Perhaps this is an indication that Samuel and Anne were not actually married? Perhaps Samuel’s past (or rather his existing marriage) had caught up with him between the reading of the banns and the actual wedding. It's also possible that Eleanor Anne Louisa Benford was born abroad. Samuel was prone to travel.

Is it possible that Samuel went to London to find work, got into an affair without revealing he was married, and then was forced to wed because of a pregnancy? That would certainly explain him abandoning his family in Norwich. Anne’s family certainly woudn’t have been rich, so Samuel did not marry her for her money. Her father was a jobber for a watch maker. Her mother had been born in Calcutta, but was ethnically English.

In 1867 another child was born: Samuel Banford Tragheim. His birth was, unlike Eleanor’s, officially recorded.

In 1868 Samuel applied for two further patents. On 10th September, provisional protection was not allowed for “An improved mode of and apparatus for cleansing fibrous materials” (number 2791). The description is of a kind of washing machine: “An apparatus consisting of an inverted pan or flanged disc pierced with holes and fitted at its center with a verticle tube having hollow taper arms is placed in the boiler intended to receive the clothes, and the detergent solution being sufficiently heated the liquor discharges in continuous streams through the tube and taper arms on the clothes placed in the copper.” Every 1860’s home should have one! there’s no indication of why the application was rejected. 

Samuel was more successful on 9th October with patent applciation 3104, for “An improved mode of and apparatus for washing, dyeing, cooking, and wholly or partly dissolving substances of vegetable, animal, or mineral origin, and for evaporating and concentrating solutions of the same substances,” which was awarded provisional protection. From this description patent 3104 sounds like it might be for making marmite, but a fuller description outlines something like the washing machine described in the earlier patent:

Liquids, circulating and spraying.—Related to apparatus primarily described for circulating water through clothes or for spraying them while being boiled in an open copper or other vessel, but stated to be applicable for evaporating liquids. In one form, the clothes rest on a perforated disc, beneath which are placed fans for circulating the liquid. Some of the perforations may be protectef by pegs or guards so that the clothes do not cover the perforations. Or a pipe or cone may be used, which stands on a serrated rim and carries at the top a sort of cowl with downwardly-projecting nozzles or with a rotary series of nozzles acting on the principle of a Barker’s mill. A perforated or plain bottomg disc may be combined with the tube or cone. Or, finally, the clothes may be “placed between the upper and lower ends of” a serpentine pipe contained in the vessel.

It it a washing machine? is it for evaporating fluids? It can’t seem to make its mind up. Samuel was living at Swinton St., Grey’s Inn Road, Middlesex when he made these patent application. Again his trade is recorded as “interpreter.”

Three years later, in the 1871 census, Catherine, Diane, and Edward are living without Samuel in 37 William Street, edinbugh. She’s now describing herself as a widow. Whether she was merely ashamed at being abandoned, or whehter she thought Samuel was dead, we don’t know. but where is Samuel? He doesn’t appear on the English or Scottish census of that year. The two children, Samuel Jr. and Eleanor Anne Louisa, were baprized at Clerkenwell St James on Nov 2, 1871, but it’s not known if Samuel was in attendance. Samuel’s trade is given as “fat melter,” while sounds like a singularly unpleasant business. It’s possible that Samuel was actually a business owner, rather than someone who stirred vats of melting fat for a living. He may even have been using his own patented washing-machine-cum-evaporator.

His address at the time of his children’s baprisms is given as Sydney House, Abbey Road, West Ham. West Ham at that time seems to have been a booming industrial town:

During 1860–1919 at least 290 permanent manufacturing firms were formed, of which the main groups were chemicals (100 firms), engineering and metals (60), food, drink and tobacco (33), textiles, leather and clothing (23), timber, furniture, etc. (21), and bricks, pottery, cement, glass, etc. (20). [source]

We next hear of Samuel arriving in New York City -- or at least we think we do -- under the name John Benford on 7 Apr 1875, accompanied by Anne Benford (his wife, travelling under her maiden name). Anne’s age is given as 28, which would make her date of birth about 1848, fitting the record for her in the 1851 census. John/Samuel’s trade as a merchant (”rice miller”), his nationailty (”Russian”), and his date of birth (40 years old, hence date of birth of about 1835) all fit. As does the use of the first name John, which he’d used before. Why would he have been traveling under a pseudonym? This was only five years before he was outed as a Russian spy, and if he was already spying at this time it may have been convenient for him to have had an alias. There’s no sign of the children. Were they living with Anne’s family? Samuel Benford Tragheim certainly survived, because he married in 1898 and lived until 1915, when he was 47. I have no record of Eleanor Ann Louisa Benford.

Oddly, there is a marriage recorded between a Samuel Tragheim and an Ann Smith in St. Louis, Missouri, on 2 Nov 1875. The scant detail on this marriage certificate is the kind of thing that drives family historians mad. Certainly Samuel was in the country. He was even with an Ann, or an Anne at least. Could he have ended up going through another wedding cerenomy with his legal wife? Or were they perhaps not legally married in England and they decided to legitimate their union? But why would she marry under an assumed name? A marriage under a false name is scarely more legitimate than no marriage at all.

But certainly Samuel was in the US around this time, since there is a naturalization of a Samuel Tragheim Benford (with the names in that order) on 16 July, 1877. His address is given as 415 Grand St, New York City. He is described as a merchant, and as “Russian.” His witness is a Philip Pasaroff -- another Russian, we might assume.

On June 17, 1877 there is another marriage! This time it’s between Samuel Tragheim and -- well, the name on the certificate is so illegible that it’s been read both as Eva Rossair and as Johanna Lesser. But what happened to Anne Benford, or Ann Smith? Had Ann(e) died? Been dumped? Or were John and Anne Benford a different couple? Was the Missouri marriage a different couple as well?

A patent application is filed September 20. 

In that same year, on April 10, there’s a patent granted (189,325) this time for an “ice machine.” The name is given as “Simon Tragheim” and the address as “New York, NY.” Since no other Simon Tragheim has ever appeared in the record, I think we can assume this is Samuel.

The following year, 1878, there’s another “Simon Tragheim” patent awarded. This one’s for a “screw propellor” and Tragheim is the “assignor” for “David S. Ritterband, New York, NY.” ( Official Gazette, Vol 13, page 435). This invention merited a brief mention in Scientific American (April 13, 1878):

Mr. Simon Tragheim, of New York City, has patented a Screw Propeller, which is claimed to admit of almost instant reversing, and at the same time pass through the water with facility. The blades are strengthened by an outer frame extending at both side obliquely from the hub and across the center point of the blade. The front and rear edges of these frames are beveled, so as to cut through the water easily.

Ritterband was a lawyer with an address at 61 Wall St. (By 1909, Ritterband would be the director of a land company -- the South Elberon Land Co. -- with capital of $200,000, which was a huge sum for the time.) In “assigning” the patent to Ritterband, Samuel was effectively selling his ownership rights to this intellectual property.

The year before this, in 1877, there’s a newspaper report regarding this new propellor:

The Daily Freeman, Kingston, NY, Thursday Evening, Nov. 22, 1877


Steam was got on the tug General Sheridan on Cornell & Company's fleet to-day, and her time in making a mile was taken while she has her old screw in. In a few days, or as soon as the new Tragheim wheel can be put in, that invention will be given a thorough trial to see how the thing works.

In 1880, Tragheim is in London, to meet the Nihilist, Leo Hartmann, upon whom he is to spy. hartmann had been directly involved in a plot to assassinate Czar Alexander II. 

Hartmann describes him as follows:

In June, 1880, there came to London a stout man of about forty-five, whose hair and beard were partly gray. He gave his name as Mr. Tragheim [Hartmann refers to “Traghaim” throughout his letter, although I’ve rendered it as “Tragheim”], formerly a Russian subject from the German provinces and now a citizen of the United States of America. He knew a few Russian words and spoke German and English perfectly. He was undoubtedly a Jew. It was quite apparent that he had been in America for years and knew New York very well. He said he was a wholesale butcher and that he dealt with England. He assured me that he owned several houses in the city of New York on streets where the elevated railroads are. Before coming to London he had lived for some time at Geneva, Switzerland.

According to Hartmann, Tragheim is “trusted agent” of the Czar, and has been given vast amount of money (£50,000). He made numerous attempts to have Hartmann kindnapped and transported back to Russia about a steamer. He also tried to set Hartmann up by giving him forged notes. (See Tragheim and the Anarchists Part I and Part II for a fuller account of these events). 

We only have Hartmann’s side of the story of course, but it’s not flattering. He describes Tragheim as being his “Judas.” The New York Evening Post, basing its opinion on Hartmann’s account of his dealings with Tragheim, describes the latter as “a foolish sort of person for the Czar to select for any serious work.”

Hartmann exposed Tragheim to the British police as a Russian spy, and revealed that he may have been involved in the placing of a dynamite bomb on the Northwestern Railway, in an attempt to blame the Nihilists and to have them driven out of England. The police were already aware of Tragheim’s activities, but he fled London and was not found, despite intensive searches on the continent. Probably the reason he wasn’t found was because he had not in fact fled to the continent, but to the US.

On 27 October, 1880, a “Saml Traghum” arrives in New York City aboard the Scythia, from Liverpool. He’s “Russian” and aged 46. His plan is “unknown.” So are his movements after that date. If he fled with the £50,000 the Czar gave him, he could have afforded to keep a low profile.

On April 10, 1894, in “Ice and refrigeration, Volume 7” the patent for the Ice Machine is recorded as having expired. 

Connections with Joseph Tragheim

There are some circumstantial connections with Joseph Tragheim, who would have been Samuel’s younger brother (born about 1860, making him 25 years younger). This is assuming that Sam is the man Hartmann met.

Joseph Tragheim mentions in his Old Bailey appearance (that's 1890, ten years after Hartmann's account) that he does business in Belgium ("I traded at Rotterdam as Benford and Co."). Belgium is mentioned in the Hartmann letter as the place where a friend of Tragheim's was going.

Benford is of course the name of Samuel’s second wife, and a name he appears to have adopted for travelling under, and for his US naturalization (as Samuel Tragheim Benford).

It's interesting that Geneva is mentioned as one of Samuel Tragheim's former hangouts, since Joseph later ended up going to prison in Swizterland for forgery, just a few years after the Old Bailey case.

Also, I found a 1922 record in the Index to the Correspondence of the Foreign Office entitled "Tragheim, J. Alleged sale in Belgium of butter falsely described as Australian." In the Hartmann letter Tragheim mentions the money (£100,000 -- a vast sum) he's made through trading butter. 

Based on these overlaps,  I think Joseph Tragheim and Samuel Tragheim were in business together, in Belgium and elsewhere, and that the business ran for some time. If Joseph was still actively trading in 1922 he must have picked up again after he'd finished his seven year sentence in Switzerland. So was Samuel running the business?

Presumably there will be documentation in Belgium concerning Benford & Co. The British police archives should also contain a wealth of information on Samuel Tragheim, if Hartmann’s account is to be believed.
  • 10 AUG 1838 - Birth - ; Hasenpoth, ,Russia,
  • 16 JUL 1877 - Naturalization - ; COMMON PLEAS COURT, NEW YORK COUNTY
  • 1861 - Residence - ; 5 Gloucester Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Westgate
  • 1862 - Residence - ; 83, Kirkgate, Leith
  • 15 SEP 1862 - Residence - ; 83 Kirkgate, Leith
  • 1868 - Residence - ; Swinton St, Gray’s Inn Road, Middlesex?
  • 1868 - Residence - ; Swinton St, Gray’s Inn Road, Middlesex?
  • 1871 - Residence - ; Sydney House, Abbey Road, West Ham
  • 1871 - Residence - ; Not Living With Wife And Family At Time Of Census.
  • Occupation - Shoemaker, Draper, Interpreter, Inventor, Spy
  • 1861 - Residence - ; 5 Gloucester Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Westgate
  • 1862 - Residence - ; 83, Kirkgate, Leith
  • 15 SEP 1862 - Residence - ; 83 Kirkgate, Leith
  • 1868 - Residence - ; Swinton St, Gray’s Inn Road, Middlesex?
  • 1868 - Residence - ; Swinton St, Gray’s Inn Road, Middlesex?
  • 1871 - Residence - ; Sydney House, Abbey Road, West Ham
  • 1871 - Residence - ; Not Living With Wife And Family At Time Of Census.
ABT 1811 - 1893
10 AUG 1838 -
ABT 1821 - 1894
Family Group Sheet - Child
BirthABT 1811
Death1893Manchester, Lancashire
Marriageto Toube PERAU
BirthABT 1821
Death1894Prestwich, Lancashire, England
Marriageto Mendel TRAGHEIM
Birth10 AUG 1838Hasenpoth, ,Russia,
Marriage1866to Anne BENFORD at Clerkenwell St James, Islington, London
Marriage9 APR 1857to Catherine WINTON at 15 Regent Terrace, Edinburgh
Marriage2 NOV 1875to Ann SMITH at St Louis, Missouri, USA
MHenry (Harry) TRAGHEIM
BirthNOV 1850Corland, Russia
Marriage23 FEB 1879to Mina (Mary, Minnie) STRAUSS at Manhattan, New York, New York, USA
BirthABT 1842Hasenpott, Courland, Latvia, (Russia)
Marriage1869to Eve HARRIS at Hartlepool, Durham
BirthABT 1853Germany?
Death1905Elswick Cemetery (Newcastle?) Row A7
Marriage12 OCT 1879to Sarah FEITELBERG at Robinson Row Synagogue, Hull, West Riding, Yorkshire, England
Birth1843Hasenpoth, Courland, Latvia, (Russia)
DeathFEB 1930Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland
Marriageto ?
BirthABT 1859Russia
Death5 NOV 1917Queens, New York
Marriageto Lena
BirthABT 1860
Marriage7 AUG 1900to Eugenie Appoline HECQ at Middlesbrough
Marriage1883to Jacob FEINBERG at Prestwich, Lancashire
Marriage17 JUN 1877to Johanna LESSER at Manhattan, New York, New York, USA
Birth15 OCT 1860“Germany”
Death4 JUL 1918Quebec
Marriageto Mary Jane SHERIDAN
MEliokum- Hetzel TRAGHEIM
Birth22 OCT 1855Hasenpoth, Courland, Latvia, (Russia)
Birth22 OCT 1855Hasenpoth, Courland, Latvia, (Russia)
Birth22 OCT 1855Hasenpoth, Courland, Latvia, (Russia)
Death11 SEP 1856Hasenpoth, Courland, Latvia, (Russia)
Birth17 AUG 1858Hasenpoth, Courland, Latvia, (Russia)
Death30 AUG 1858Hasenpoth, Courland, Latvia, (Russia)
Birth17 AUG 1858Hasenpoth, Courland, Latvia, (Russia)
Birth14 APR 1862Hasenpoth, Courland, Latvia, (Russia)
BirthABT 1866“Russia”
Marriage13 JUL 1890to Jacob COOPER at Chelsea
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
Birth10 AUG 1838Hasenpoth, ,Russia,
Marriage1866to Anne BENFORD at Clerkenwell St James, Islington, London
Marriage9 APR 1857to Catherine WINTON at 15 Regent Terrace, Edinburgh
Marriage2 NOV 1875to Ann SMITH at St Louis, Missouri, USA
FatherMendel TRAGHEIM
MotherToube PERAU
BirthABT 1847Clerkenwell, London
Marriage1866to Samuel TRAGHEIM at Clerkenwell St James, Islington, London
MSamuel Benford TRAGHEIM
Birth1867Clerkenwell, London
Death1915Lambeth, London
Marriage5 JUN 1897to Frances Louisa CROSHER at Holy Trinity, Islington, London, England
FEleanor Anne Louisa Benford TRAGHEIM
Birth16 JUN 1866
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
Birth10 AUG 1838Hasenpoth, ,Russia,
Marriage1866to Anne BENFORD at Clerkenwell St James, Islington, London
Marriage9 APR 1857to Catherine WINTON at 15 Regent Terrace, Edinburgh
Marriage2 NOV 1875to Ann SMITH at St Louis, Missouri, USA
FatherMendel TRAGHEIM
MotherToube PERAU
Birth1 AUG 1837Dundee, Forfarshire
Death1914Lasswade, Midlothian
Marriage9 APR 1857to Samuel TRAGHEIM at 15 Regent Terrace, Edinburgh
Marriage31 DEC 1873to George WRIGHT at Viewforth House, Newington, Edinburgh
Birth1861Newcastle upon Tyne, Westgate
Death1939Springburn, Glasgow
Marriage25 JUL 1884to Elizabeth Jane Ayton MCCOLL at Dalkeith
Birthc. 1859Leith, Edinburgh
Death1941Newington, Edinburgh
Marriage25 JAN 1881to George Lindsay INGRAM at 2 Elgin Place, Edinburgh
Birth15 SEP 1862Leith, Edinburgh
Death1869St. Giles, Edinburgh
Birth12 AUG 1858Leith, Edinburgh
Death12 AUG 1858Leith, Edinburgh
BirthABT 1868Norwich, Norfolk, England
DeathDEC 1906
Marriage4 JUL 1886to Jessie WRIGHT at St. Marks Church, Nottinghill, London
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
Birth10 AUG 1838Hasenpoth, ,Russia,
Marriage1866to Anne BENFORD at Clerkenwell St James, Islington, London
Marriage9 APR 1857to Catherine WINTON at 15 Regent Terrace, Edinburgh
Marriage2 NOV 1875to Ann SMITH at St Louis, Missouri, USA
FatherMendel TRAGHEIM
MotherToube PERAU
Marriage2 NOV 1875to Samuel TRAGHEIM at St Louis, Missouri, USA
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Descendancy Chart
Samuel TRAGHEIM b: 10 AUG 1838
Anne BENFORD b: ABT 1847
Samuel Benford TRAGHEIM b: 1867 d: 1915
Frances Louisa CROSHER b: ABT 1861 d: 1949
Catherine WINTON b: 1 AUG 1837 d: 1914
Edward TRAGHEIM b: 1861 d: 1939
Elizabeth Jane Ayton MCCOLL b: 22 NOV 1862 d: 1951 or 1952
Edward TRAGHEIM b: 17 NOV 1881 d: 1971
Jane Ann WADDELL b: 1879 d: 1973
Thomas Waddell TRAGHAM b: 9 MAR 1910 d: 1 DEC 2005
Marjory Robertson DUNCAN b: 23 NOV 1911 d: 26 SEP 1998
Eileen MUELLER b: 19 MAR 1973
Eileen MUELLER b: 19 MAR 1973
Kaylee Dillon MUELLER b: 25 OCT 2015
Megan b: ABT 2001
Jaimie b: ABT 2002
Eleanor Dorothy TRAGHAM b: 16 MAR 1938
Ian STEPHEN b: 2 MAY 1933
Shrijnana LEMONE b: 8 SEP 1968
Maia Bereket SERING b: 8 NOV 2006
Malkias Milko Kiran SERING b: 19 APR 2008
Fiona Grace STEPHEN b: 18 DEC 1963
Jessie BARRIE b: 9 SEP 1994
Daniel BARRIE b: 21 APR 1997
Matthew BARRIE b: 8 MAR 2001 d: 9 OCT 2016
Ronald TRAGHAM b: 1933 d: 2017
Kenneth David TRAGHAM b: 1 MAR 1961
Margaret Theresa JONES b: 18 JUL 1960
Jennifer Helen TRAGHAM b: 2 JUL 1986
Richard William TRAGHAM b: 17 NOV 1985
Novella MOONEY b: ABT 1981
Linda Anne T TRAGHAM b: 14 MAY 1967
Craig DOUGLAS b: 23 JUN 1990
Tyler DOUGLAS b: 10 OCT 2011
Anne TRAGHAM b: 14 FEB 1970
Cordelia Ashley b: 30 JAN 1996
Alan TRAGHAM b: 3 JAN 1953
Oliver Lewis TRAGHAM b: 3 OCT 2008
Claire Elaine TRAGHAM b: 8 JAN 1985
Jack James TRAGHAM b: 22 DEC 2015
Lilian TRAGHEIM b: 1921
Donald Robert JAUNAY b: 19 OCT 1918 d: 25 AUG 2012
Robert Edward JAUNAY b: 30th May 1950
Edward TRAGHEIM b: 9 JUN 1907 d: 1987
Barbara (Babbs) Chalmer BROWN b: ABT 1912 d: 1987
John Smith TRAGHEIM b: 1912 d: 1964
Douglas C Waddell TRAGHEIM b: 1913 d: 1914
Alfred TRAGHEIM b: 16 MAY 1885 d: 1959
Elsie May GILES b: 1890 d: 1986
Edward Alfred TRAGHEIM b: 1914 d: 26 NOV 1944
Christina Tulloch MACKENZIE b: JUL 1917 d: 1996
Tanya Breda b: ABT 1922 d: 2005
Douglas Giles TRAGHEIM b: ABT 1945
Julia M. WHITING b: ABT 1948
Sophie Louise TRAGHEIM b: OCT 1988
Ben ???? TRAGHEIM b: 26 OCT 1997
Alex CROLL b: 1916
Lawrence TRAGHEIM b: 19 JUL 1925 d: JUL 1999
Dorothy ROSCOW b: 1918
Nicholas Andrew TRAGHEIM b: 1 NOV 1956
Joanne Lisa TRAGHEIM b: 1 JUN 1981
Shannon Nicole TRAGHEIM b: 20 JAN 2000
Amy TRAGHEIM b: 31 OCT 2001
Jay TRAGHEIM b: 8 JAN 1998
Adam Lawrence TRAGHEIM b: FEB 1999
Callum Bruce TRAGHEIM b: JAN 1995
Olivia Bethan TRAGHEIM b: AUG 1995
Eric Giles TRAGHEIM b: 1917 d: 1999
Elizabeth Kay TRAGHEIM b: 20 FEB 1887 d: 1897
Edwin TRAGHEIM b: 1882
Catherine Winton TRAGHEIM b: 16 FEB 1889 d: 1975
James Kirk GIVEN b: ABT 1890
Emily Jane Ayton TRAGHEIM b: 1891 d: 23 JUL 1989
Alexander TRAGHEIM b: 12 APR 1900 d: 24 NOV 1941
Helen Spencer ANDERSON b: ABT 1901 d: AUG 1987
Brenda TRAGHEIM b: ABT 1932
Louise b: ABT 1964
Ian WATSON b: ABT 1964
Samuel WATSON b: 1988
Isabelle WATSON b: ABT 1991
Stuart Jackson TRAGHEIM b: 8 MAY 1964
Florence TRAGHEIM b: 18 APR 1898
Thomas Alfred MUIR b: 24 JAN 1892
Robina TRAGHEIM b: 12 JAN 1893
George Wright TRAGHEIM b: 24 AUG 1896 d: 1985
Helen McDONALD b: ABT 1897
Robert Edward TRAGHEIM b: 24 JUL 1907 d: 1986
Lilian TRAGHEIM b: ABT 1903
Diana Lyle TRAGHEIM b: c. 1859 d: 1941
George Lindsay INGRAM b: ABT 1856 d: 1934
Joan INGRAM b: 23 OCT 1894 d: 1971
James Notman BANNA b: 1893 d: 1927
Annette Margaret INGRAM b: 1886 d: 1979
Alice “Paddy” INGRAM b: 24 NOV 1892 d: 1979
Ronald INGRAM b: 30 MAY 1897 d: 1949
Ellen (Hellena?) INGRAM b: 26 AUG 1899 d: 1970
George Alfred Wright(?) INGRAM b: 28 OCT 1881 d: 1957
Diana INGRAM b: 18 MAY 1888
Catherine INGRAM b: 28 JUL 1890
Mary Jane TRAGHEIM b: 15 SEP 1862 d: 1869
Daniel TRAGHEIM b: 12 AUG 1858 d: 12 AUG 1858
Alfred TRAGHEIM b: ABT 1868 d: DEC 1906
Jessie WRIGHT b: ABT 1867 d: 27 JAN 1956
Edward James TRAGHEIM b: 8 SEP 1889 d: 13 MAR 1918
Alice MAYHEW b: ABT 1891
Frederick WILKINS b: 1915 d: 1980
George TRAGHEIM b: ABT 1887 d: 1945
Mary Jane RICHARDS b: ABT 1889
Violet Louise TRAGHEIM b: 26 FEB 1888 d: 7 DEC 1970
Robert William WILES b: ABT 1890 d: ABT 1965
Robert Edward George WILES b: 9 NOV 1913 d: MAY 1989
Barbara Florence PLAIN b: 9 AUG 1927 d: 2 APR 2013
Anthony Michael WILES b: 22 SEP 1951 d: 15 AUG 1955
David Alan WILES b: 23 JUL 1956
Jessie Diana TRAGHEIM b: 30 DEC 1906 d: 12 DEC 1971
Janet Avril COCKLIN b: 21 APR 1936
Graham Darrell BILLINGS b: 25 FEB 1965
Amanda Susan BILLINGS b: 1 SEP 1962
Charlotte GODFREY b: 23 FEB 1996
William GODFREY b: 14 JUL 1998
Sandra Catherine COCKLIN b: 22 FEB 1940
Audra BROWN b: 4 JUN 1967
Alexander Winton TRAGHEIM b: 1898 d: 1930
Alfred Ernest TRAGHEIM b: 25 JAN 1892 d: JAN 1976
Catherine Winton TRAGHEIM b: 1 FEB 1896 d: OCT 1986
Frederick Thomas TRAGHEIM b: 1903 d: 1903
Robert Sidney TRAGHEIM b: 1901 d: ABT 1950
Mary STOCKWELL d: ABT 1985
Alfred Robert DeWitt TRAGHEIM b: 1 JUL 1930 d: FEB 1995
Mary HAYES b: 20 SEP 1934
Robert TRAGHEIM b: 15 MAR 1960
Ciaran Robert TRAGHEIM b: 1 MAY 1994
Sian Marie TRAGHEIM b: 14 APR 1991
Darrell John TRAGHEIM b: MAR 1988
Susan TRAGHEIM b: 1958
Nikita Mary F TRAGHEIM b: DEC 1988
Florence Margaret TRAGHEIM b: 1894 d: 1950
Elsie WILLIAMS b: ABT 1920 d: ABT 2005
Irene WILLIAMS b: ABT 1922 d: ABT 2006
Edward WILLIAMS b: ABT 1925 d: ABT 2000
Hetty HULLIS b: 1933
Paul WILLIAMS b: 14 APR 1957
Olga BERMUDEZ b: 1952
Paul WILLIAMS b: 1985
Gordon WILLIAMS b: ABT 1932 d: ABT 1936
Ellen May TRAGHEIM b: 30 DEC 1906 d: ABT 1990
(Baby) TRAGHEIM b: 30 DEC 1906 d: 30 DEC 1906

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