Theodore M. TRAGHEIM
b: ABT 1859
d: 5 NOV 1917

Theodore lived with brother Nicolai in Manchester in 1881, at 27 Elizabeth St, Cheetham.

The family resided in Antwerp, Belgium, until their emigration to NY on June 30, 1892, and they listed themselves as Belgian citizens. Theodore’s occupation is given on the ship manifest as “Laborer.”

30 June 1892, arrived on The Spaarndam, from Rotterdam, Holland, with Lena and Sophie.

16 Oct 1893, at the County Court, Queens County, he became a naturalized US citizen. His witness was FH Batterman. Theodore described his nationality as “Emperor of Germany.”

Jan 18, 1896, Fifth Avenue Hotel, Parlor F: Theodore gives testimony to the Senate of the State of New York, in the matter of a) whehter Theodore Koehler was eligible for the office of State Senator, and B) if he was inelligible, was due notice of his inelligibility given prior to the election.


1896 Elected Treasurer of Long Island City Union League Club, 1896 (listed in NYT January 12, 1896)


1897 From New York NY World (abt 17th June)


Queens County Republicans Indorse a Trio of Applicants for Collector

The members of the Queens County Republican Committee met at Miller's Hotel, in Long Island City, yesterday, and had a lively time over the indorsement of applicants for patronage at the disposal of the Republican organization.

State Arbitration Commissioner Henry C. Johnson presided and a fight was made for the indorsement of Internal Revenue Collector for Queens County. There were three candidates for the office. They were Theodore Tragheim, of Long Island City; Franklin B. Sprague, of Jamaica, and Henry W. Skinner, of North Hempstead. More than a dozen ballots were taken. Tragheim was supported by Chairman Johnson, Coroner Strong, Coroner Haslem and John T. Robinson, of Newtown. He had decidedly the best of the balloting and only wanted one vote to give him the indorsement of the committee, when it was moved by some one to indorse all three man and let them fight it out.

Before Tragheim's friends could get together, the motion to indorse all three men prevailed. Tragheim's friends talked much last evening about "put up jobs."

A resolution was also passed calling upon various political bodies which will be in Greater New York to unite.


1898 From The Star, Saturday, August 6, 1898

Theodore Tragheim is receiving congratulations on his permanent appointment as a clerk in the Internal Revenue Collector's office for this district. He passed a very severe Civile Service examination. The salary is $1,200.

[This is $34,800 in 2014 dollars, but the contemporary economic status value of that income would be $256,000]


1898 From the Daily Star, Brooklyn, Thursday, November 17, 1898.

Montefiore Benevolent Society
The Montefiore Benevolent Society of the Borough of Queens will have its second annual ball at Kern's Astoria Assembly Rooms on Saturday, December 3d. It is only a few months since the society was organized, but it has accomplished much good in a charitable way. Nathan Marks is president, and the success attained by the society is in a large measure due to his efforts.

The purpose of the society in running a ball is to raise money for its charitable and religious work. Theodore Tragheim is chairman of the committee of arrangements and is directing his efforts towards making the affair a success. Mr. Tragheim was chairman of the committee which manages the ball so successfully last year. On account of the success attained at their first annual affair the committee expects to make this event even more of a success. In recognition of what Mr. Tragheim has sone in behalf of the society the members will present him with a handsome gold badge of a Deputy Collector of Internal Revenue on the evening of the ball. In view of the objects of the ball as well as upon its merits as a social event there should be and undoubtedly will be a generous patronage on the part of the public.


1900 From the Newtown Register, Thursday, February 15, 1900

Deputy Collector of Internal Revenue Theodore Tragheim of Long Island City, who has been the Collector for Queens County for two years, has had his territory extended so as to take in Nassau County, and has recently made his first visit to the villages along the North Side. This extension of Tragheim's territory is a disappointment to several aspirants for the position of Collector for this district.


1900 Had servant living in house: Eliza Miller, age 18, (b Mar 1882). Had come from Russia in 1899, and could not read, write, or speak English. Lived at 428 Dittman’s Ave, Queens, NY.


1901 From The Daily Standard Union, Brooklyn, April 16, 1901

Nathan Cohen, of 31 Tompkins avenue, and employed in the cigar factory, at 247 Boerum street, was arrested yesterday afternoon by a United States Deputy Marshal on a charge of having unlawfully taken sixteen boxes of fifty cigars each from the Boerum street factory and selling them unstamped to Henry Solitan, of 1717 Fulton street. The charge was preferred by Deputy Revenue Collector Theodore N. (sic) Tragheim. The prisoner was arraigned before United States Commissioner Benedict and held in $1,000 bail for a hearing this afternoon.

[Curiously, this story connects Theodore with George Tragheim of Quebec, who was a cigar manufacturer. And the adjacent story, about a recovered Gainsborough painting being returned to its owner, connects him with Alfred Edward Tragheim, who was later to steal another painting by Gainsborough.]


1902 (As reported in The Daily Star, Queens Borough, Friday Evening, October 28, 1927)
25 Years Ago in Queens
As reported in the columns of the Daily Star in 1902
The congregation of Mishkan Israel held a ball at Kern's Assembly Hall, Astoria, last night. The proceeds of the affair with be given to the building fund of the church. Theodore Tragheim was in charge of the affair. He was assisted by Mayer Cohen, Ignatz Streim, Joseph Gottleib, and M. Lieberman.


1902: From the Daily Star, Greater New York, Wednesday, May 14, 1902

To Erect a House of Worship for Themselves in Astoria


Large Sum of Money Already Raised for the Purchase of the Necessary Land—Church May be Finished Before Winter

The Jewish Residents of Astoria and vicinity are meeting with great success in their efforts to establish a house of worship for members of their faith. A largely attended meeting was held on the 7th inst at the rooms of Lee Hebrew German School at No. 1093 Van Alst avenue, at which the Rev. Dr. Radien, of the Hebrew Institute of New York City, and Dr. H. Honor, also of that city, made able addresses.

Mr. Theodor M. Tragheim was formally installed as president of the school for the ensuing term. He made an earnest appeal to his co-religionists on behalf of the school, urging everyone present to do all in their power for its maintenance. He also demonstrated the necessity which existed for a house of worship or synagogue where all might assemble on festival and other occasions incidental to the church, and which would in addition be available as a school house for the children ... President Tragheim read a list of names of those who had already contributed to the movement and called for new names to be added to the list.

A recess was taken to give those who desired to make a contribution a chance to attach their names to the subscription paper. When the meeting resumed business, Mr. Tragheim announced that $416 had been subscribed. This announcement was received with cheers.

The meeting decided that President Tragheim should appoint seven members, who should act as a Board of Directors to have full control of everything relating to the details for the new church. The gentlemen named were: M. Cohn, chairman, M. Gordon, J. Streim, I. Isenberg, D. Aronowitz, J. Gottlieb, and Charles Segal.

The name of the new congregation will be Mishken Israel, which translated means, "House of Rest."

The officers of the congregation are: Theodore M. Tragheim, president; M. Cohn, vice-president; M. Gordon, treasurer; S. Nathanson, financial secretary; and M. Lieberman, recording secretary.

The Board of Directors met at Mr. Tragheim's residence at Steinway last Sunday and perfected an organization by the election of Mr. Cohn as president, Mr. Charles Segal, as treasurer, and M. J. Gottlief as secretary.

It is reported that a lot will be purchased on The Crescent, between Grand avenue and Newtown avenue, within a few days, and from present indications the synagogue will be erected and become available for the sacred purposes for which it is intended before the advent of cold weather. The land suggested is owned by Mr. Nathan Mark, and he has made a generous offer to his co-religionists to aid them in their good work.

The following letter addressed to the editor of the Star will speak for itself:

May 13th, 1902.
To the Editor of the Long Island City Star, Long Island City:

Dear Sir:—It affords me great pleasure to inform you that at a mass meeting of the Jewish residents of Astoria interested in the movement to erect a synagogue (house of worship), for members of their faith, a resolution was passed thanking the Star for the generous and kindly interest shown by that valuable newspaper in our work.

Believe me, sir, that we deeply appreciate your kindness in such a worthy movement, knowing full well the importance of such a newspaper and the moral assistance it can give to the Jewish community, and we all unite in wishing the Star under its present able management continued prosperity and success. With deepest respect, I beg to remain, yours very sincerely,
Theodore M. Tragheim
President of the Mishken Israel Congreation (sic)


About the Mishken Israel Congregation Synagogue:

From the website of the Astoria Center of Israel

ACI offers Jewish religious, cultural, and education services, as well as providing a long history of civic leadership throughout our more than 75 year history.

The “roots” of The Astoria Center of Israel can actually be traced back to what some of us consider as our parent Shul, the former Congregation Mishkan Israel. Mishkan Israel, whose building was erected in 1906, stood next to our Shul from the time of our building inception in 1925—until a fire destroyed the Mishkan building in the 1980s. Records exist that can trace the beginnings of what became Congregation Mishkan Israel to the 1880s. So in a sense, we can say that the ACI has had a Jewish presence here in Astoria since before the turn of the twentieth century.


From the Daily Star, Brooklyn, Wednesday, March 12, 1907

A mortgage is filed by Theodore M. Tragheim to the Queens County Savings Bank for $4,000 on property at Murray Hill Park at Flushing, having a frontage of 33 feet on the north side of Mitchell avenue, and 105 feet on the east side of Murray street.


October 8, 1907. As reported in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle of October 9th, Theodore Tragheim becomes a member of the newly formed Long Island Business Men’s Association, in a meeting at Miller’s Long Island Hotel.


1907 (December 19th) From the Daily Star, Brooklyn.


Gustav Steiner Honored by his Fellow Members of the Temple Israel on the Fiftieth Anniversary of His Birth

Mr. Gustav Steiner, the well-known business man of Long Island City and Queens in general, was just fifty years of age last Thursday (December 19th.) Mr. Steiner's friends in the congregations Temple Israel gave him a surprise on this anniversary at his residence, No. 596 Jackson avenue. It was in the shape of a handsome silver loving cup, bearing the inscription: "Presented to Brother Gustav Steiner by the members of Congregation Temple Israel on his fiftieth birthday, December 19th, 1907."

The presentation address was made my Mr. Theodore M. Tragheim.

Other speeches were made, congratulations were tendered, and a general good time enjoyed by all. A fine supper was served at Mr. Steiner's residence during the evening. Among those present were D. Schapiro, M. Wolf, Fred Simons, I. Streim, J. Gottlied, Max Steiner, N. Kohn, N. Neubrun, Charles Sigal, S. Bauman, N. Weinberger.


1910 Census: Owned His House


From the Daily Star, Friday, July 1, 1910




Floral Tributes for Mr. Wagner and Mr. Keegan Testify to Appreciative Regard in Which They Are Held

John Wagner, Long Island City's new postmaster, took office this Friday morning. His first official act was to re-appoint James B. Keegan as his deputy, this insuring this important office the services of a man of wide experience who is familiar with every detail of its management.

A number of friends dropped in during the morning to congratulate Postmaster Wagner and his deputy and several large floral pieces were also in evidence.

A huge bouquet of red roses in the form of a horseshoe and bearing the inscriptions: "Success" and "Good Luck," was sent to Mr. Wagner by the Republican Club of Queens County. There was also a beautiful piece from Theodore Tragheim. Deputy Postmaster Keegan was also the recipient of some handsome floral tokens.

[Weather was "Partly cloudy and continued warm to-night and Saturday"]


1911: From Daily Star, Brooklyn, Tuesday, April 11, 1911

Flushing Business Men Propose to Increase Assn's Efficiency

At the meeting of the Flushing Business Men's Association held Monday evening, plans were matured for a further extension of the work of the association ... The following new members were elected: Jeremiah O'Brien, plumber, 108 Amity street; Theodore Tragheim, builder, Murray Hill Park.


1912 From the Daily Star, Wednesday, December 11, 1912

Theodore Tragheim will continue a considerable development of Brewster avenue, north of State street, Flushing, by the erection of three two-and-a-half-story frame dwellings as a cost of $12,400


1916: Theodore Tragheim encounters financial difficulties, and loses three houses.

From The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, New York, Friday, February 25, 1916
Three two-story frame dwellings on Murray lane, near Mitchell avenue, Flushing, were sold at foreclosure at Flushing yesterday. Theodore M. Tragheim was defendant in all three actions, two of which were brought by the Queens County Savings Ban and the third by George F. Kochersberer. Two of the houses were bought in by the bank and Miss Louisa D. James of Flushing purchased the other.


From the Daily Star, Saturday, June 3, 1916

A hearing will be held at the Queens County Court House by the Commissioners of Assessment, Emanuel S. Cahn, Frank O'Keefe and Theodore M. Tragheim Tuesday [June 6, 1916] in the matter of acquiring title for the opening and extending of Lake street, from Junction avenue to Alburtis avenue, and Banta street, from Van Dine street to Junction avenue...


1917: His financial difficulties increase, and his land at Ditmars avenue is publicly auctioned.
From The Newtown Register, Tuesday, February 27, 1917
W. Elmer Payntar and W. Addison Field, as Executors and Trustees of the last Will and Testament of Charles M. Davidson, Deceased, Plaintiffs, against Theodore M. Tragheim and ano., Defendants.

In pursuance of a judgment of foreclosure and sale duly being made and entered in the above action, bearing date the 5th day of February, 1917, I the undersigned, the referee in said judgment name, will sell as public auction to the highest bidder, at the front steps of the Queens County Court House, in Long Island City, int he Borough and County of Queens, City and State of New York, on the 2nd day of March, 1917, at 10 o'clock A. M/, the premises directed in said judgment to be sold and therein described as follows...

Dated, February 7th, 1917
FRED G. DE WITT, Attorney for Plaintiff, Queens Plaza Court, Bridge Plaza, Long Island City, N.Y.


5 Nov 1917, died in Queens.

1918 From the Daily Star, Brooklyn, Thursday, September 16, 1918

September has been a busy month at the Second District Municipal Court. Justice John M. Cragen is presiding. Among the actions were the following:

The Atlas Manufacturing Company of Ohio recovered a judgement of $85.75 against Margaret A Kelly of 34 Main street, Flushing.

The Empire Gas Fixture Company of Manhattan brought an action against Theodore M. Tragheim of Flushing for $64.43, which represented a promissory note of $62. Judgement was rendered for the plaintiff, who was awarded $79.53, including interest and costs.
  • ABT 1859 - Birth - ; Russia
  • 1917 - Burial - ; Mount Hebron Cemetery -Flushing-Queens County-New York, USA
  • 5 NOV 1917 - Death - ; Queens, New York
  • 30 JUN 1892 - Emmigration - ; Ellis Island, New York
  • 1881 - Residence - ; 27 Elizabeth St, Cheetham, Manchester
  • 1900 - Residence - ; 428 Dittman’s Ave, Queens, NY
  • Education - 1910 Census: Owned His House
  • Occupation - Tax Collector (Brooklyn Daily Eagle Almanac 1903, Page 457: War Deputy Collector, Long Isl
  • Occupation - 1906 US Internal Revenue, Division Deputy, Long Island City, Town Of Flushing (Brooklyn D
  • Occupation - 1907 Deputy Tax Collector (Official Register Of The United States)
  • Occupation - 1914 Tax Collector (Brooklyn Daily Eagle Almanac 1914)
  • 1881 - Residence - ; 27 Elizabeth St, Cheetham, Manchester
  • 1900 - Residence - ; 428 Dittman’s Ave, Queens, NY
ABT 1811 - 1893
Theodore M. TRAGHEIM
ABT 1859 - 5 NOV 1917
ABT 1821 - 1894
Family Group Sheet - Child
BirthABT 1811
Death1893Manchester, Lancashire
Marriageto Toube PERAU
BirthABT 1821
Death1894Prestwich, Lancashire, England
Marriageto Mendel TRAGHEIM
Birth10 AUG 1838Hasenpoth, ,Russia,
Marriage1866to Anne BENFORD at Clerkenwell St James, Islington, London
Marriage9 APR 1857to Catherine WINTON at 15 Regent Terrace, Edinburgh
Marriage2 NOV 1875to Ann SMITH at St Louis, Missouri, USA
MHenry (Harry) TRAGHEIM
BirthNOV 1850Corland, Russia
Marriage23 FEB 1879to Mina (Mary, Minnie) STRAUSS at Manhattan, New York, New York, USA
BirthABT 1842Hasenpott, Courland, Latvia, (Russia)
Marriage1869to Eve HARRIS at Hartlepool, Durham
BirthABT 1853Germany?
Death1905Elswick Cemetery (Newcastle?) Row A7
Marriage12 OCT 1879to Sarah FEITELBERG at Robinson Row Synagogue, Hull, West Riding, Yorkshire, England
Birth1843Hasenpoth, Courland, Latvia, (Russia)
DeathFEB 1930Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland
Marriageto ?
BirthABT 1859Russia
Death5 NOV 1917Queens, New York
Marriageto Lena
BirthABT 1860
Marriage7 AUG 1900to Eugenie Appoline HECQ at Middlesbrough
Marriage1883to Jacob FEINBERG at Prestwich, Lancashire
Marriage17 JUN 1877to Johanna LESSER at Manhattan, New York, New York, USA
Birth15 OCT 1860“Germany”
Death4 JUL 1918Quebec
Marriageto Mary Jane SHERIDAN
MEliokum- Hetzel TRAGHEIM
Birth22 OCT 1855Hasenpoth, Courland, Latvia, (Russia)
Birth22 OCT 1855Hasenpoth, Courland, Latvia, (Russia)
Birth22 OCT 1855Hasenpoth, Courland, Latvia, (Russia)
Death11 SEP 1856Hasenpoth, Courland, Latvia, (Russia)
Birth17 AUG 1858Hasenpoth, Courland, Latvia, (Russia)
Death30 AUG 1858Hasenpoth, Courland, Latvia, (Russia)
Birth17 AUG 1858Hasenpoth, Courland, Latvia, (Russia)
Birth14 APR 1862Hasenpoth, Courland, Latvia, (Russia)
BirthABT 1866“Russia”
Marriage13 JUL 1890to Jacob COOPER at Chelsea
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
BirthABT 1859Russia
Death5 NOV 1917Queens, New York
Marriageto Lena
FatherMendel TRAGHEIM
MotherToube PERAU
BirthABT 1862Russia
Death22 MAR 1918Manhattan, New York, New York, USA
Marriageto Theodore M. TRAGHEIM
MLeo Theodore TRAGHEIM
Birth20 MAY 1900
Death12 JUN 1946Bronx, New York, New York, USA
Marriage11 MAY 1925to Alice Gertrude ABRAHAMS at Manhattan, New York, New York, USA
Birth7 JAN 1897Long Island City, New York, USA
Marriage25 SEP 1932to Jonas W NATHANSON at Bronx, New York, New York, USA
Birth1895Long Island City, New York, USA
Death28 JUL 1895Long Island City, New York, USA
BirthABT 1892New York, New York, USA
Descendancy Chart
Theodore M. TRAGHEIM b: ABT 1859 d: 5 NOV 1917
Lena b: ABT 1862 d: 22 MAR 1918
Leo Theodore TRAGHEIM b: 20 MAY 1900 d: 12 JUN 1946
Frances TRAGHEIM b: ABT 1932
Talma TRAGHEIM b: 7 JAN 1897
Mendel TRAGHEIM b: 1895 d: 28 JUL 1895
Sophia TRAGHEIM b: ABT 1892

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